Tune Tuesdays – For the Cross


Today’s tune is “For the Cross” by Bethel Music.  The Tides album blessed my heart, but Tides Live is even better.  This song is perfect for the season we are in.  It is currently Lent – a time of preparation and reflection on what Jesus did for us.  While not all Christian churches practice this fasting period, it is still a beautiful time to remind ourselves that WE were the joy set before Jesus as he endured the cross.  Woah.  He saw me and said “yes” to the weight of sin.  He saw me and said “It’s worth it.”

So, while my two little boys are enduring croup, fever, ear infections, and late nights without sleep.  While my husband and I are fretting over the price of humidifiers, medicine dosage, breathing treatments, doctors appointments, vomit duty, and fueling up on coffee instead of sleep, I will say to you…The Cross is enough.  Jesus is enough.  So, I am looking at the spring that is coming.  Life is blooming, the sun is shining, and things are being resurrected.  Hope is being breathed into dead dreams.  Healing is for NOW for my family.  So, I encourage you to listen to this song, and remind yourself that YOU were worth dying for!


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