Tune Tuesdays – Forever


This week’s Tune Tuesday is a #happyalbumbirthday to Kari Jobe.  In light of missing last week’s Tune Tuesday due to “Oops! I forgot syndrome,” I’m not only recommending the song “Forever,” but also her new album, Majestic that is sure to be a blessing to your heart.

Kari Jobe, is a worship leader that is such a genuine blessing to the church. I first saw her lead worship on a DVD produced by CFNI called Glorious. At the time I was close to graduating high school, and my heart was being gently tugged on by the Lord to be a worship leader. Her worship has inspired me since, and has always brought the presence of the Lord to my car, my home, my heart, and our church.  I’ve never met Kari Jobe, but there has been such an honest and pure heart connected to all of her music that attracts people to meet with God. I admire her positive attitude via social media, her modesty, and realness.

“Forever” is a perfect song for this Easter season.  It is full of proclamations of hope, that Jesus is alive!  The lyrics paint such a beautiful picture of what Christ did for us on the cross, and its melodic power is celebratory of what Jesus accomplished in raising three days later.  This is a good one folks!  Be sure to check it out.



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