Tune Tuesday – Planting Trees


Today’s Tune Tuesday is by one of my favorite artists, Andrew Peterson.  The first time I’d heard his music, he was touring with Steven Curtis Chapman.  During this time, I was just adjusting to life as a stay-at-home mom.  So much in my life changed after becoming a mother, and people who say that it’s all a field of daises, and yada, yada – well they are probably lying.  Now, don’t get me wrong…being a mother is one of the purest joys, but it is also a time of losing yourself.  You are losing your dreams to see the dreams of your little ones be fulfilled.  You are losing your time.  Your hope for sleep dwindles quickly.  You lose what you thought was the most important goals in life to the day-in and day-out sacrifice of parenting.  Your desires take a back seat to the needs and desires of the hearts you now hold in your hands.  It essentially means, if you were selfish before, you will (hopefully) become a quick study in selflessness.

I believe that this is such a design of the Lord.  It’s yet another way to submit our hearts and lives to Him.  To say “God, I don’t feel like ‘myself’ anymore, but who do you say that I am?”  I know that I learned more about the Father’s heart for me during this struggle of letting myself (my own desires) go.  I know I’m learning that the love of God is truly unconditional.  If, in my humanity, I can love my children with a fervent unconditional love, then why do I doubt God’s ability to do so?

All that to say, when I heard this song’s meaning, and then the lyrics, my eyes filled with tears.  I’m a part of the Lord “Planting Trees” of righteousness.  I want my children to be sturdily planted in the Lord.  This song is such a blessing to my heart.  It is a reminder that God sees my sacrifice, and he rewards it.  So, whether you are a parent, or not, or a pastor, leader, friend, family member…let’s remember to plant trees.  Encourage others to become who God says they are.


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