Review: Storm Siren

Author Mary Weber‘s debut novel, Storm Siren is artfully written, compelling, and has a stellar plot twist (or two…or three).

As a YA fantasy, Storm Sirenis expected to live up to the rich worlds in it’s competing genre, and it does just that. Faelen is falling, and it’s slave, Nym, may be the only thing to save it. She’s the only female Elemental known to have been born, and she holds the power to end war—only she doesn’t know how to control it. Nym is bought by Adora, a woman with miles of secrets and plans, and plans that have secrets. Adora wants Nym to be trained by Eogan, but Nym must use her power to free Faelen. Not-to-mention she can’t have anything to do with Eogan outside of her training, even though her heart is screaming to disobey.

Nym is surrounded by disgusting frivolity, and dangerous wills at Adora’s estate. Kings, princesses, ladies, and lords, all gather there. Luckily, she has the help of Breck and Colin—a brother-sister pairing who form friendship with Nym—to help navigate. The politics leave Nym reeling, and unclear of what part she wants to play in the war. She is tired of having innocent blood on her hands, and is desperate to control her powers. However, her internal war is between saving Faelen at the cost of more lives, or doing nothing at the cost of her country in which she is an unwanted anomaly.

Nym’s trainer, Eogan, is a source of peace, and yet she can’t pin him down. He has multiple secrets that could possibly wreck Nym forever, but does love span the gap? Does love win the war?

What I love about Weber’s writing is that each character is multi-dimensional. Even the secondary characters have as much depth as other novels’ primary characters. The plot is deep, and the prose is captivating. Not many authors can hold those two trophies at the same time. Weber does a fabulous job of sweeping you up, and switching the rug out from under you while you are floating.

Bravo, Weber! Thank you for surprising me for the first time in a while. What a refreshing read!

Make sure to check out, Storm Siren, you won’t be sorry you did!


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