Review: Ignite

Whew, guys…SO long since I posted, but I am so glad to be talking about Ignite today by Sara B. Larson.

IGNITE_CVRIgnite is a perfect second installment in the Defy series. If you are unfamiliar with Defy…familiarize yourself. You will thank me later.

Ignite is again from Alexa’s point of view, and I love her voice. She is extremely relatable, and if anyone knows me, they know I like the characters to be real and vibrant. That is what YA is all about. Yes, we love plot, world building, etc., BUT if we can connect with the emotional journey of a character—and maybe their dreamboat too—we are hooked!

Sara B. Larson gives us loads of dreamy moments, but also reminds us that we are dealing with a formidable warrior who will stop at nothing to save those she holds most dear. 

The evil in this book is cut from the cloth of the most maniacle kind. Lady Vera and her brother Rafe are incredibly fearsome, and I didn’t know how Alexa was going to overcome all the she was thrown into. I was truly worried by these characters, but Alexa is not deterred. I love that she shows us real fear, but yet she continues to fight until the last moment.

AND. Let’s just give a nod to Rylan. Bro has high hopes, and he isn’t letting them die. I’m proud #teamrylan, and maybe it’s just a root-for-the-underdog-complex, but he needs to have a shot!

I would 100% recommend this book. It’s got everything that you want in a YA read, and BONUS for teen moms out there, its clean.


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