Review: The Red Queen

Hello, book lovers! Today we are going to talk about The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. It is the winter read on the Epic Reads 365 Days of YA. I’m super pumped to say that I have been doing my best to participate in the 365 Days of YA. I’m not going in any particular order, but you will get a few reviews from me this year in accordance to the list. By the way, let’s just go ahead and give the Epic Reads team some major props. This list is the bomb. There are seasonal, monthly, weekly, and daily reads. I mean. What more could we want in a YA #tbr list?

Anyway. Back to The Red Queen. Aveyard is debuting strong with her first installment of a fantasy series that takes us to a world where physical power, courtly beauty, and twisty shifts are all wrapped up into a tidy bow and presented to us like the finest present.

10212034Mare Barrow is a red-blooded commoner. She is forced to live menially with her large family: A father who is war-wounded, a mother who wishes Mare didn’t thieve, and a sister who is better than her in more ways than one. Oh, and let’s not forget her three heroic brothers at war.

Not only are the Silvers the elite, but they are all gifted with power and unwilling to send their own into the fringes of war. As you can imagine, the racial divide is gaping. Some Silvers can move the elements, some meld the mind, and their blood runs pure silver. So, what happens when a Red—Mare—can manipulate electrical currents?

Mare finds herself in an intriguing match between accepting her fate, or having it force fed to her. She is brought into a dangerous court, smashed between two brothers (princes I might add), and forced to chose a cause. Be the obedient puppet, or take up a role as a spy. What happens is nail-biting and well worth the read.

The writing is immediately captivating and sharp. Mare is instantly likable. She deals with extreme guilt, and a huge inferiority complex. What’s not to love about that? Don’t we all deal with feelings of inferiority?

I loved the character and plot development. Each character goes through obvious changes in the story. Each of them are changed by the conflict in the book. I have to say…when even secondary characters are changed by the tension, you know the author is doing something right.  Also, the plot. You won’t see some of this stuff coming. I promise. So, props Aveyard, props.

This is very well-writen, and is set up to be a great series. Now we just have to wait a year for the next book! Noooo! 🙂

What did you think of The Red Queen? Is it on your #tbr list for this year?


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