Tuesday Talks – Favorite Genre

Hello, blogosphere!

I am excited to be back this week with Tuesday Talks! The last couple of weeks have been crazy, but I figured no better way to jump back in than to start a new Goodreads group.

Today’s topic is Favorite Genre, and that is SO easy for me. I am going to say that my favorite genre is Young Adult Fiction and within that it is Fantasy Fiction.

IMG_7564Why YA? – Well, the first reason is really simple. I love reading young adult fiction because I find that the material is “rated” PG13 (or below) most of the time. Now, some of you may be wondering “What does it matter to a 26 year old?” For me it does matter. I try to be sensitive with what I take in.

It’s like if you’re riddled with allergies. You don’t want to eat, breathe, or otherwise ingest what you’re allergic to, or you’ll be breaking out in hives or close to death. Right? Right. Same for my soul and spirit. I feel like I’m allergic to content that is too sensitive. It will make my brain break out in hives (thinking about the bad/negative). For my soul to be happy I need to ingest what is good for it.

Now, also…don’t get me wrong. I do not chose to ignore the evil in this world or get freaked out by romance, but I like to be careful about what I’m taking in! Maketh since?

IMG_7565Why Fantasy Fiction? – This one is also easy. I love imagination and creation. I think God gave us beautiful minds, and He is the author of creativity. I think it is INCREDIBLE what some of these authors come up with. The worlds they create. The make-belive characters and creatures. I love to celebrate creativity, and enjoy traveling while sitting still.

What is your favorite genre? Leave me a comment to chat, and check out the Goodreads group Tuesday Talks.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Talks – Favorite Genre

  1. I’ve never defined one specific genre as my favourite. I have ones I keep coming back to like fantasy and romance but I think I like a wide range. In general, ones with romance, not necessarily romance books.

    1. Agreed! I like an element of romance in every book. Love is a great anchor/theme for any story, and seems right that it would be in most anything because it’s so basically fundamental in our life-search.

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