Review: A Friend in Me

Good morning book nerds! It’s a fabulous Friday, and today I am talking about Pamela Havey Lau‘s book A Friend in Me. This is a book that focuses on bridging the generational gap between young women, and older women of the Christian faith.

I must say that in starting this book, I was quite skeptical. As a young woman in  the church, I have heard many spoken ideas on generational mentorship, but have not seen much action (other than my mother and mother-in-law with me—they break the mold). So, I came to this with an idea of what I was going to get, and was pleasantly surprised that what I got exceeded my expectations immensely.

IMG_8245Lau’s voice is clear, and her passion for this generational connection is a hungry sort of authorship. She hits both generations problems with the other beautifully, and more than that—accurately. She doesn’t just scold the younger generation for a lack of respect and morality, and she doesn’t just praise older women for the moral high ground and maturity. I also would 100 percent agree with her that the younger women long to connect on a very personal level without the fear of being a huge disappointment to those of the older generations.

She addresses the phantom closeness that social media provides for those of BOTH generations, and the need for us to truly connect. Social media provides such a false sense of relationship, when most of us are lonelier than ever. She addresses judgment, humility, and other barriers that inhibit genuine relationship.

BUT what I love the most is two things: First, she is genuine. She is from the gate an honest author that shares personal experience verses lofty ideas or conjectures. Second, she provides practical solutions! PRAISE JESUS! There are easy to understand truths, and achievable actions to follow in gaining safety in generational relationships.

She addresses tone of voice, forgiveness, praying with pure motives, getting help when we don’t understand the situation fully, prayer, and divine comfort. Her premise from the beginning is to show “Christ’s extraordinary love,” and to do that by the way we chose to “change the way we are relating.”

Lovely read people. I would encourage anyone (spiritually young or old) to read this, and ask God to help you have an open heart. How can we relate? How can we bridge this gap?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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