Toys & Sunshine


So, I wanted to geek-out for a moment here.  Yes, this is picture of toys, but I LOVE it!  It’s such a good insight to my life right now as a stay-at-home mom.  My many duties include poop patrol, feeding, playing, entertaining, nursing, reading, time-outs, bath-time, dish-washer,  and laundry-tackler among many, many other time consuming and altogether frustrating musts.  It’s in the day to day go, go, go that most moms like myself miss out on small joys.  I know personally I get caught up in a game of “where did that smell come from,” more than actually enjoying the little people (or dogs) who made the smell in the first place.  Don’t get me wrong, being frustrated is SO normal and expected, but my soul (and I’m sure your’s) needs moments of beauty.

The day I took this, I had been dealing with tears, stinky armpits (nope, not mine…Ahem…), and defiance.  I had FINALLY gotten the boys down for their afternoon nap, and I took a moment to chill.   This is what I saw.  A reminder that two little guys like to play with me.  That won’t last.  So, I’m going to enjoy it, while it does.  Cheers!


The Beauty in Shaping

I am just now learning to use my Nikon D3000.  My dear, sweet husband bought it for me almost four years ago, but between having our first child, my personal struggles with numbers and decimal points, and the general happenings a of life, I had not learned how to use its features properly.  Now, my friend Tiffany (a class-A photographer) is teaching me. Yay!

This is a swing set that I photographed on our first outing.  I love this place.  It is a spot of huge inspiration for my novel.  My main character finds peace in a place like this, and every time I drive by, the beauty of it offsets my personal memories.  I had a lot of tough moments on this playground as a child, but for some reason my character loves her childhood playground.

I find that it’s healing in a sense.  We can’t always forget the awful things that happen to us. Rejection is an acute sting that most of us remember like it was yesterday, but we can choose to forgive and find the beauty in our shaping.  So, this is the beauty I find in my shaping.