Worship Wednesdays – Grace So Glorious


So, “Worship Wednesdays” are my safety net for missing “Tune Tuesdays.”  Our four-person Walker clan has been massively busy (along with THE best pastors and church folk around) on the opening of our new Grace Church location.  Daddy has been working hard, and we have been essentially staying out of his way, so that he can work hard.

This time is so exciting for us as we get ready to embark on a new adventure for our church family.  I have been praying and worshiping over this time, and have been so blessed by the song “Grace So Glorious” by Elevation Worship.  It was recommended to me by my cousin-in-law, Ryan Alldaffer, and I’m grateful that he brought it to my attention.  It’s just so stinkin’ uplifting. 🙂

It is a wonderful song that sings praise to the glory of God’s grace, and pays tribute to the beauty of the cross.  Check it out!