Review: A Friend in Me

Good morning book nerds! It’s a fabulous Friday, and today I am talking about Pamela Havey Lau‘s book A Friend in Me. This is a book that focuses on bridging the generational gap between young women, and older women of the Christian faith.

I must say that in starting this book, I was quite skeptical. As a young woman in  the church, I have heard many spoken ideas on generational mentorship, but have not seen much action (other than my mother and mother-in-law with me—they break the mold). So, I came to this with an idea of what I was going to get, and was pleasantly surprised that what I got exceeded my expectations immensely.

IMG_8245Lau’s voice is clear, and her passion for this generational connection is a hungry sort of authorship. She hits both generations problems with the other beautifully, and more than that—accurately. She doesn’t just scold the younger generation for a lack of respect and morality, and she doesn’t just praise older women for the moral high ground and maturity. I also would 100 percent agree with her that the younger women long to connect on a very personal level without the fear of being a huge disappointment to those of the older generations.

She addresses the phantom closeness that social media provides for those of BOTH generations, and the need for us to truly connect. Social media provides such a false sense of relationship, when most of us are lonelier than ever. She addresses judgment, humility, and other barriers that inhibit genuine relationship.

BUT what I love the most is two things: First, she is genuine. She is from the gate an honest author that shares personal experience verses lofty ideas or conjectures. Second, she provides practical solutions! PRAISE JESUS! There are easy to understand truths, and achievable actions to follow in gaining safety in generational relationships.

She addresses tone of voice, forgiveness, praying with pure motives, getting help when we don’t understand the situation fully, prayer, and divine comfort. Her premise from the beginning is to show “Christ’s extraordinary love,” and to do that by the way we chose to “change the way we are relating.”

Lovely read people. I would encourage anyone (spiritually young or old) to read this, and ask God to help you have an open heart. How can we relate? How can we bridge this gap?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


Top 5 Books that Feature Traveling


These are my top five that feature traveling. Here we go…

1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – This is a great realistic fiction book where the heroine gets sent away to boarding school in France. It’s a sweet love story, and made me laugh multiple times. PG13 content, but I always love when an author can keep me interested without elements of total “make-believe.”

117213142. Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill – This on was also very funny, and love was thwarted at nearly EVERY turn!! The MC travels to London on a school trip, and is a total rule follower (this is totally me – so I connected). Anyway. I *think* there were a couple of curse words so I’d say a PG to PG13 rating, but SUCH a cute love story. I have to say, I’m shocked two realistic fiction stories made this list!

3. Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick – REALISTIC FICTION #3!! Shocker! This one is definitely PG13 as there are scenes with some thriller aspects. It’s about a girl that’s going backpacking through the Teton Range with her friend, but ends up being kidnapped and solving a murder case. SO. With that said, I found it very compelling and well-written.

131386354. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner – This one is a different kind of travel. One through time and space that is. I thought it was well-written. The two different voices —Lilac’s and Tarver’s—are distinct and pull us through a heart wrenching story…fully equipped with a few twisties and turnsies. So, buckle up for a galactic surprise or two.

5. Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver – This the second dystopian novel in the Delirium series. The story follows Lena on the run. She left her home and is trying to find her way in a group of rag-tag rebellious, yet organized, youngsters. They all chose love. They are being hunted for it. (Personally would recommend this one above Divergent)! I know *gasp*…

What are your Top 5?

Tuesday Talks – Favorite Genre

Hello, blogosphere!

I am excited to be back this week with Tuesday Talks! The last couple of weeks have been crazy, but I figured no better way to jump back in than to start a new Goodreads group.

Today’s topic is Favorite Genre, and that is SO easy for me. I am going to say that my favorite genre is Young Adult Fiction and within that it is Fantasy Fiction.

IMG_7564Why YA? – Well, the first reason is really simple. I love reading young adult fiction because I find that the material is “rated” PG13 (or below) most of the time. Now, some of you may be wondering “What does it matter to a 26 year old?” For me it does matter. I try to be sensitive with what I take in.

It’s like if you’re riddled with allergies. You don’t want to eat, breathe, or otherwise ingest what you’re allergic to, or you’ll be breaking out in hives or close to death. Right? Right. Same for my soul and spirit. I feel like I’m allergic to content that is too sensitive. It will make my brain break out in hives (thinking about the bad/negative). For my soul to be happy I need to ingest what is good for it.

Now, also…don’t get me wrong. I do not chose to ignore the evil in this world or get freaked out by romance, but I like to be careful about what I’m taking in! Maketh since?

IMG_7565Why Fantasy Fiction? – This one is also easy. I love imagination and creation. I think God gave us beautiful minds, and He is the author of creativity. I think it is INCREDIBLE what some of these authors come up with. The worlds they create. The make-belive characters and creatures. I love to celebrate creativity, and enjoy traveling while sitting still.

What is your favorite genre? Leave me a comment to chat, and check out the Goodreads group Tuesday Talks.

Top 5 Books You’d Save in a Fire

Hey guys! It’s a Goodreads Top 5 Wednesday today!

I am so pumped to be starting this weekly post in March. The first topic is Top 5 Books You’d Save in a Fire… Wow. I don’t even…can’t….*checks pulse*

You want me to choose? Well, okay…

First of all, I would just like to start by saying I would take them ALL. This would be especially easy for me because I LOVE reading on my iPhone in my iBooks app. I found a few years ago that I focus better, comprehend more, and read faster with the small screen. Also, digital reading appeals to my love of organization and my hatred of all things clutter. So, I really don’t HAVE to choose, but I will.

Let’s just also assume that the Bible would be on the top of my list, but since we are referring to YA fiction here is the rundown:

Processed with Moldiv1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling – I would choose the entire series, but for the sake of the game I’m being selective.

2. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare – I remember reading this book like it was yesterday. I remember the time of year, the smells outside, the rain, the coffee, the feel of my iPhone in hand. (I know, I know. All you tactile bookies are flipping out right now).

3. The Selection by Kiera Cass – There is nothing like having some sassy America to keep you company. She is leading-lady sunshine on a cloudy day! Maxon isn’t so bad either. 🙂

4. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis – This one is for my kids. Okay, so it’s for me too, but I couldn’t pass up listing it. I just recently bought the audio books. I’m like a giddy kid again!

5. Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas – Currently reading this again, and passing the TOG virus to my #writenight gals too. They love me for it.

What would your Top 5 be? Leave me a comment. I’d love to know!


The Skinny


So, as a first time blogger, I just want to say…I’m sorry but, this is SO HARD.  Figuring out what a widget is (which makes me laugh), or accidentally spending 150+ dollars on a domain name and 36 months of service after I convinced my husband “I know what I’m doing!” (all sassy-like), or knowing how to make you kind, sweet folks like me is just exhausting.  However, I reaaallllyyy want to be cool so I need a blog.  Right?  Right.

So here goes.  I am not always as cute as my photo, and truth be told that is not current.  At all.  I mean, I still look like me, but with longer hair that isn’t ombre’d anymore and I do have bangs, but they are substantially longer.

I am a work at home mom.  By that I mean, I am a mom of two boys.  There is a whole stinking lot of work to be done, so I will take on the #wahm status proudly and without apology.  I may not get paid in anything but piles of laundry, dirty diapers, and kisses but it’s worth it.  My husband is a hero.  It’s just the truth.  My parents (in-laws included) are a source of extreme encouragement for me.  I need them.  I have the best friends.  They add so much beauty to my life.  I would be living in black and white without all of my people.

I am currently the worship leader at Grace Church Alma.  It is what I know deep in my heart I was made for – to worship Jesus through song, and lead others to Him.  I love to write, and am currently working on a YA fantasy series.  It has been a joy for me to write, and has become quite the therapy for me.  I would love to be a published author someday, but truly, I just want to finish well.  That would be enough for me.  I will continue to write, no matter the outcome.

Ultimately, what you will see here is words from my heart about Jesus, family, and writing (maybe some photography too).  Hope you are ready for the journey.  I know I am!